Mattise on Media is the blog arm of NathanMattise.com. (And I am a writer, largely focused on pop culture. See for yourself here.) This blog covers topics I can’t pursue for any of the professional outlets I work for, whether it’s because they’re too niche, too short, op-ed oriented or simply rejected.

I’ve blogged consistently since starting journalism in college. First was a general interest blog, then one about diner culture in Syracuse, N.Y., then another timed-bit about Ira Glass. These days, I write and edit too much to blog to that extent. But when I do find something, it’ll be here (or at Whiskey Pop Culture).

Mattise on Media started officially because I needed to revamp my home page and wanted one section that wouldn’t remain largely static. But also… I felt like someone had to extensively cover House of Cards because mainstream reviewers refused to recap episodes. And The Americans deserved credit for its phenomenal soundtrack in the debut season. Reach out if you have ideas, see more reoccurring features of this blog here. Otherwise follow along and enjoy.

Please note: Posts are occasionally cross-listed on Tumblr and Kinja.


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