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Diet Cig delivers blistering value. At @Gasa_Gasa in #NOLA, the duo plays their entire Spotify catalogue plus one—eight adrenaline-fueled songs for $8. And to further sweeten the deal, this band transports its audience back to the late 90s and early aughts at a moment’s notice.//

@DietCig creates the best kind of pop-punk: it has the driving backbeat; its lyrics ooze edge and emotion. This feels every bit as punk as you remember Saves the Day and as pop as you recall Blink 182, but it loses the white teen-dude angst that plagued much of the genre. Guitarist Alex Luciano tosses highly stylized and emphatic “fuck yous” to some ex- in “Harvard,” but whether through distance over time or her slightly different perspective, the familiar themes feel energized not tired. //

Enthusiasm plays a role. Luciano showcases an appreciation for Elvis’ hip work as she box jumps onto the bass drum or karate kicks across the stage. Drummer Noah Bowman may lose his shirt ala Travis Barker, but he never feels like a slave to tempo. Bowman manages to build several intricate and interesting beats in between driving things through a traditional 2+4. //

The strength of these singles mean bigger things lie ahead for Diet Cig, but they fit *so* well in their current space. Their sound lacks the bombastic aspects of prior club-to-arena tandems like Sleigh Bells, Matt + Kim, or Phantogram, and their stage antics and lyrical intimacy come across best when you feel like your part of the event. Case in point, Luciano ends the night by strumming the last throws of “Harvard” while hip checking audience members in the front row. More opportunities for the band probably mean less of that, so find Diet Cig in the wild now. If you can’t, know their music will at least send you to a mental space that feels as intimate. //


1. Cardboard
2. Sleep Talk
3. Breathless
4. Scene Sick
5. Pool Boyz
6. [New song about having mutual friends with an ex-]
7. Dinner Date
8. Harvard

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