Thirty-five years ago, young Victor is up late at night listening to ghost stories of Damien the Devil, a ghoul who eats eyeballs and terrorizes children. His mom eventually comes in to break up his two brothers, promising Victor he can sleep with mom if nightmares eventually come. Unfortunately, something worse happens—gunshots ring out in the middle of the night.

Victor immediately hides in the closet, though a burglar does appear in his room. Victor is startled and he pees himself, giving away his position.  The burglar mercifully tells him to keep quiet, think of something happy so that his partner doesn’t see him. The second intruder overhears the conversation and pumps a bullet into the closet.

Victor is reliving the scene in a nightmare, waking up to Julie trying to calm him down. They hear screams and Julie goes to see what’s happening in the hallway… someone has discovered Ms. Payet.

The authorities come to check the body and Julie knows they’ll be questioning her. She tells Victor to go hide, and the lieutenant (her former girlfriend) comes in to question. Julie asks if it’s the same murderer once she hears about the stomach wound, but the authorities have no information. Victor is in the bathroom but has more flashbacks once the lights go out, and he comes out for Julie while scared. The lieutenant asks and Julie finally tells the truth—he’s some random kid she stumbled upon and housed. For now, Victor’s secret won’t be spilled.

Later, Julie gets visited by her lieutenant ex-lover again. This time, she says the kid must go with her—Social Services could be involved, the parents might press charges. For now, Victor will get taken to the Helping Hand. Julie sits down to listen to the on-going lecture and uncovers Victor’s drawings… new ones that depict Ms. Payet on the ground, blood from her stomach, cats licking at it. Julie doesn’t say anything though, and the lieutenant simply takes Victor away in the end.

The lieutenant eventually calls Julie. “It’s not him, it’s not the man who attacked you.” The autopsy shows a suicide for Ms. Payet, but Julie is uncertain. Victor, meanwhile, is set up at the Helping Hand in the same room as Simon once was. Vivian, Mr. Costa’s wife, is there now. When Victor is uncertain of everything and looks sad, Pierre attempts to reassure him. Sadly, he inadvertently says the exact same words to him that the intruder did 35 years ago.


Secondary Storylines

Jerome wakes up to see Claire in the kitchen, and she says she does agree with the move—for Camille’s sake. But she’s unsure about the rest for now. That’s still enough for Jerome. “Everything will be alright I’m sure. I know I screwed up but I can be better,” The moment is quickly gone however. The authorities come to see if Jerome will answer a few questions about Lucy Carson.

Elsewhere, Lena’s back scar is getting worse. It’s visible above her shirt collar now. Her sister comes to talk.

Camille is skeptical about the plan to move, and she doesn’t want it. She can live as Alice, Lena doesn’t want to leave either, and it’s got to be a plan solely so dad can win Claire back from Pierre. Their conversation ends abruptly though, and Lena calls out for their parents then proceeds to fall down the stairs. Her back is exposed, it’s got bruising alongside an increasingly long and fresh scar.

Pierre is driving and encounters a police blockcade. A cop friend tells him what’s up—they’re searching for Simon, thinking he’s the suspect for Lucy Caron’s murder. Pierre gets a call from Claire while at the scene; Lena is at the hospital after the incident this morning and she’s in pain. Pierre promises he’ll come and asks his contact to check on Jerome. As he leaves, massive chem trucks are coming into the city.

At the hospital, Lena and Camille have deduced that the scar has only existed since she returned. Claire dismisses the idea but Lena doesn’t seem to, so Camille walks out. Pierre goes after her, trying to tell her not to feel guilty. “They’ve suffered enough, it’s time to start living again. Lena’s reaction is normal, she’s afraid. Once she understands, she’ll be thrilled like all of us.” Camille doesn’t seem to buy in however, and she storms off.

Alice shows up at school to see Frederic, and she explains away the scene at the Lake Pub as family drama. She joins him on a Lake Pub trip today as the chem trucks keep coming. We learn that the reservoir seems to be gaining water but there is no crack in the surrounding rock—no one is sure where the extra liquid is coming from. The trucks are coming in to pump some of it out and prevent potential flooding of the nearby power supply. The town doesn’t know because the station is under strict orders to stay mum for now.

At the hospital, the doctor thinks Lena’s back is a keloid—a skim growth that develops usually on an area that hasn’t healed properly from injury. She says it could be from an incident at the Lake Pub last year, “someone pushed me and I scraped it against a chair.” Her mom seems unconvinced about the validity of this, but leaves at Lena’s request.

At the police station, Jerome is being question about Lucy. They saw each other weekly for about a year according to her journal. And, it’s revealed that last year Jerome took Lena to the hospital with back wounds…in a “suspected child abuse” incident. The authorities tell him he’s one of the last people to speak to Lucy before she died, and they believe an argument must have happened when she refused his advances.

Pierre gets the intel on Jerome—he’s not involved in the Carson murder, but he did hit Lena about a year ago. Claire is gutted when she gets the news. And she’s near collapse at the sink when Jerome comes homes. Claire lets it all out—Lena’s it at the hospital, how could he hit his daughter? Jerome denies it; how could Pierre even know he wasn’t there? But Claire just continues on. She wants him out, it’s over. Jerome eventually leaves without any more of a fight, despite not admitting to any wrongdoing.

Alice has Frederic alone at the The Lake Pub by candlelight, and she asks about his sex life with Lena, if the first time happened during the bus accident. He doesn’t want to talk about it, and asks about Lena’s well-being but Alice refuses. When Frederic grabs her arm, Lena seems to feel it. She’s at the hospital and wakes up grabbing her arm; she grabs clothes and heads out.

Eventually, Lena shows up at the Lake Pub and wants it all out in the open. “It’s Camille for fuck’s sake, don’t you recognize her?” Camille won’t acknowledge it though, continuing to say she’s Alice and that Lena needs to get back to the hospital. Lena storms out, and en route she collapses in the tunnel while trying to walk home. Only Toni’s brother is there to see her.

Thomas gets word of the Payet murder, but he’s only focused on Simon and asks if there has been any update on the situation. Again, he knows what’s happening due to the surveillance set up around his home. Adele sends her daughter off to school and then heads for the attic… where Simon is staying. She’s bringing breakfast consistently, but today he wants a bit more. Adele has to slap him to stop the action.

Simon has a plan now—they’ll live at the Helping Hand, he’ll get a job, Chloe, the daughter, can come. Adele is hesitant of course; Thomas is a good man and Chloe is stable where she is.

Later, Simon and Adele finally have sex after looking through Chloe’s room. Thomas watches the entire thing on his surveillance.

Thomas stops by the church to see the pastor. He wants to know what the pastor talked about with Adele last time, demanding info about Simon. The pastor says not to worry about him he’s dead… but Thomas presses on. He’s back in the flesh and blood like Jesus, so if Jesus was for good isn’t this?

Chloe comes home from school and notices the door is locked. She heads right to her room and hears the noises Adele had explained away as “mice” earlier. Chloe takes a chair out to get close… only to stumble upon the surveillance cameras.

Chloe finally ventures up to the attic. She sees Adele and Simon talking about Thomas, and asks about him. “My dad is dead, is he like an angel? Can I touch him?” Chloe is scared, but goes on to ask Simon about heaven. Simon gives her proof by showing Chloe prays about her dad, mom, and Paul, a school sweetheart. For now, Chloe can’t tell anyone—even Thomas—about it.

Simon is walking in the middle of the street when the cops spot him. He darts towards a worksite and suddenly all the surveillance cuts out; in fact all the electricity cuts out.

Adele is waiting for Thomas when he comes home and she wants answers. Thomas doesn’t skirt the issue, he says the cameras have been there two years and he’s only used them when Adele wouldn’t answer the phone (“wanting to make sure you didn’t hurt yourself again”). Still, Adele says she’s leaving. At this, Thomas says “it wasn’t an accident.” When Simon died, the pastor asked them to say it was an accident but he insists it wasn’t..

Simon shows up at The Helping Hand. Pierre is there late and invites him in. All Simon says is “I need your help.”

At the police station, new info on Carson is available. While she was seeing a bunch of men, and some of them had sex, they all contacted her because she was some sort of a psychic, someone who claimed she could contact the dead. The talks happened during sex. The conversation is only interrupted when Ms. Payet’s autopsy is ready.

At the end, Chloe gets put to bed by Thomas and asks why mom is crying. “Adult stuff,” he simply states. But Chloe is oddly worried that Thomas is going to die.  Thomas goes to sit with Adele, and Chloe sneaks back up to finish her picture… it’s of Simon shooting himself in the head.


Possibly “Returned”


While it’s not clear what “Returned” means at this point, the following characters are certainly dealing with something out of the ordinary

Simon, he tells Chloe he’s seen heaven and met god.

Camille, her return seems oddly related to Lena’s new back issue.

Mr. Costa’s female companion, no new info.

Victor, died 35 years ago during a home invasion. He has flashbacks about it, and Pierre may have just trigged one.

Lucy, is apparently a psychic who can talk to the dead only while having sex. No new info on her murder however.

Toni’s brother, the man in the hoodie is in the tunnel when Lena is walking out of The Lake Pub.

This is only a recap, a review of the first four episodes is to come. What do you think of the premier in the meantime? Comment below or send a line. Check out episode three here

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