Seven years ago, Julie is dressed like Catwoman. It’s late, 2am, and she’s been on call three nights this week—so she wants to head home. But Batman, an unnamed woman she’s clearly involved with, is insisting she stays out. However, her powers of seduction are like Batman’s super powers—non-existent. Julie heads home.

Julie takes that tunnel shown in previous episodes, but it’s not a quiet walk. Suddenly, she’s stabbed to death. It’s the same hoodied murderer.

Back in the present day, Julie is at Mr. Costa’s funeral along with Adele, Pierre, the chief of police, Lena, Claire, Julie’s neighbor Ms. Payet—practically the whole town is present.

Camille didn’t want to come, but Claire asks if there could be more “of them.” Pierre wonders why, and Lena explains she saw another at The Lake Pub. Claire gets hopeful, maybe Camille doesn’t have to remain in hiding. But Pierre wants to investigate a bit more into this Simon character.

Ms. Payet can’t help but gossip, even at the funeral. She approaches Julie to ask if she heard of Lucy Carson—the woman who was stabbed and her stomach then eaten, “like that murder seven years ago” she says. Julie is visibly ill at the thought and must leave.

Later at the police station, the female lieutenant comes back to report that there no new witnesses in the Carson murder. But… what if they approach Julie? She’s nicknamed the Appetizer around the office for surviving a similar attack seven years ago, and maybe her memory will be jogged by a new instance.

Julie is in the tub when Victor comes to nudge her as the doorbell is ringing. It’s the lieutenant—who is the same woman dressed as Batman seven years ago. Julie is perturbed that she hasn’t come sooner just to see her; and their interaction is brief… with the door ultimately being shut as Ms. Payet stares on through the peep hole.

Ms. Payet can’t help herself and she buzzes for Julie. She wants to know why the police were here earlier, assuming it’s because the boy is an illegal. Ms. Payet insists that if he’s still there tomorrow, she’ll have no choice but to report the situation to the authorities.

Victor is drawing pictures as Julie heads out, instructing him to lock the door. However, he doesn’t… he heads over and rings Ms. Payet. She asks if something is wrong and invites him in.

That evening while riding the bus, Julie sees the hooded murderer. She’s immediately startled but manages to make it home without any interaction with the man. However, she returns to her apartment to find the door is open and Victor isn’t around.

Julie next hears a noise coming from the bottom of her apt. building. For some reason, she goes to explore it—it’s the hoodied man. He takes the scissors Julie brought to defend herself and prepares to stab her. Fortunately, it’s all a hallucination. Julie awakes, Victor is removing the scissors from her hands while trying to keep Julie calm.

Still shaken up, Julie sits with Victor. But meanwhile across the hallway, cats are gathering. Why? They’re eating at the opened midsection of a now deceased Ms. Payet.


Secondary Storylines

The pastor eulogizes Mr. Costa, saying at least he’s been reunited with his wife Vivian, who died far too young… and who seems to be looking on at the ceremonies despite that earlier house fire.

Outside their home, Camille asks if she can have a smoke and finally brings it up to Jerome—you and Mom are separated? He’s sleeping in the guest room, plus he and mom are getting along (“it’s not very discreet.”) He reveals that it’s been two years since he moved into a downtown studio apartment.

Claire and Lena arrive home, and Lena doesn’t want to visit. She heads to her room to change, but Camille follows her. Camille starts asking her about Frederic—did they sleep together? Their agreement—neither would sleep with him—is off once Camille died, after all. Lena wants none of it and simply tries to switch subjects, saying she’ll go find Simon after school. “Maybe we can start a club,” Camille notes.

Later, Jerome tries bringing up an idea to Claire—what if they all moved? Somewhere the accident doesn’t matter where Camille could live normally? Wouldn’t it be best for all of them?

Jerome drops Lena off at school, asking if she has told anyone about the family’s secret yet. Lena says no, and then he drops the bombshell on her—they think moving would be the best strategy for all of them. Lena, as you’d expect for someone still in school, is not particularly thrilled about the idea.

Claire is cleaning when she notices an unusual amount of bugs near the trash—some type of dead animal is in there. Camille is upstairs seemingly minding her own business, just trying on Lena’s clothes. Claire is startled and wants out, and Camille asks to go shopping with Claire (it’s an odd time of day after all, no one will see them).

Meanwhile, Lena is at gym class and sneaks out for the bathroom—her scar appears to be getting larger.

Claire caves and brings Camille out to the store. While Camille is trying something on however, Claire runs into a woman from the support meetings—Sandrine. She asks about the relationship with Jerome, if that’s why she’s stopped coming, but the conversation halts when Camille steps out. “Hello ma’am, I’m Alice, Lena’s cousin.”: Sandrine buys it and moves on, but Camille recognized her as the mother of a classmate.

Lena heads to the Lake Pub, encountering Toni’s brother in the front room. Toni is fixing a toilet and she asks if he can let her know whenever Simon comes around next. On the way out, she mentions the brother and Toni’s not thrilled. He wants his brother to stay at home, but he’s lonely—wants to help, asks if they can go hunting, etc. Toni isn’t having any of it though, so his brother eventually caves and says he’ll head home.

That night, Lena sneaks out, while Jerome then approaches Claire about the move again. As he starts to caress her, a bug pops out of the sink to startle her. Claire then says it’s too soon and leaves.

Lena has gone to the Lake Pub, and Frederic approaches her to ask what’s wrong. She doesn’t want to talk though, doesn’t want to go outside for a cigarette. He eventually heads out on his own, only to encounter “Alice.” When Frederic eventually brings her in to meet up with Lena, Lena isn’t having it. She mentions Alice is only 15, her parents wouldn’t approve of it and demands that Alice goes home. Lena retreats to the bathroom hysterical, only to have Frederic come in to check on her. The two start to have sex, and it only stops because he asks about the scar on her back.

The engineers are looking at the damn, noting more water loss and sending robots out to look for a fissure as a possible cause.

Simon is still at the police station—he can’t provide a name, can’t provide an address. The cops say he’s not supposed to leave the city either, and for now he’s simply taken back to his cell. The deputy, Bruno, calls Pierre afterwards to say he has a stray sheep for him. When Pierre hears the name, he immediately heads out.

Pierre picks up Simon and let’s him know the situation—he can stay at The Helping Hand, they can feed him, give him a bit of money. Simon is skeptical but ultimately he doesn’t have other options. He asks about Adele and Pierre relays the story—everyone knows that her fiancee was hit by a car on their wedding day. Pierre asks a few more questions and seems to confirm his suspicions, but he ultimately lets Simon out before The Helping Hand upon request.

Thomas and his associates are looking at surveillance tape of the Lucy Carson murder. No one has a clean picture of the hoodied man… Toni notices their cell monitor is oddly empty. He lashes out at Bruno for letting the suspect go—after all he’s the only one they had, and an assault the day after a murder is suspicious. (Plus… he’s aware of the entire Adele angle.)

Thomas goes immediately to question Pierre. Pierre has no real information and Thomas won’t let on why he’s truly after Simon. However, he mentions that Simon asked about Adele and that’s enough to aggravate Thomas.

Simon is at the library. “I was just thinking about you,” Adele notes. “It’s convenient, right?” He quips that’s how it’s supposed to work. But Simon says maybe it won’t forever—does she need him? Thomas seems good to her in his eyes. “Before you leave, I want to introduce someone to you,’ she insists.

Adele takes Simon to see their daughter, she’s participating in some kind of remembrance ceremony for the children killed during the Camille bus crash.

Lena is waiting for Adele at her home, and she gets right to the point. Does Adele know a Simon? He asked about herm and Lena saw him yesterday and needs to find him. Adele is spooked but doesn’t necessarily show it, she shuts down the conversation and heads inside.

Simon finally shows up at the Helping Hand. Pierre takes the opportunity to try and learn more, asking Simon if he believes in god or resurrection while showing him the facilities. Pierre assures him that he won’t leave him alone, that things will become clearer.

Back at the station, Thomas is obsessing over surveillance tape, looking for footage of Simon.  He finds what he wants eventually—Simon walking into the library and out of it with Adele.

Later, Simon shows at the house up to watch Adele play with her kid, and Adele notices. Quietly, she heads downstairs to engage with Simon and the two begin making out. Unknown to them, it’s all on the surveillance feed Thomas is monitoring.

Possibly “Returned”


While it’s not clear what “Returned” means at this point, the following characters are certainly dealing with something out of the ordinary

Simon, this time, Pierre confirms that everyone in town knows the story of Adele’s would’ve-been-husband… who died on their wedding day.

Camille, encounters a classmate’s mom face-to-face and startles the woman initially.

Mr. Costa’s female companion, is watching Mr. Costa’s own funeral.

Victor, no new real info.

Lucy, no new real info.

Toni’s brother, continues to irk Toni by requesting the two spend time together.

This is only a recap, a review of the first four episodes is to come. What do you think of the premier in the meantime? Comment below or send a line. Check out episode two here.

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