Ten years earlier at The Lake Pub, a younger Adele is seen bussing tables. Simon, looking as he does today, is on stage playing bass in the cover band (“The Raffs”).  As they close their set, the lead singer lets everyone in on the evening’s big news. “This big oaf, our bass trainee Simon, is getting married tomorrow to the most beautiful waitress at the bar.” Everyone takes pictures and celebrates, a young Lena (no more than 6 or 7) is seen tinkering with the empty drumkit before Simon comes over to show her the basics (which Adele captures in a Polaroid).

Simon and Adele wake up late, possibly a lazy morning on their wedding day. She insists he needs to get moving and can’t see her get ready in the wedding dress. But first she hints that there’s something she has to tell him later on… Simon guesses she’s pregnant and breaks down in a fit of emotion.

Adele is seen at the alter, waiting as a faint crash is heard in the background. The pastor goes to speak with authorities at the front door, Adele looks back with tears starting to form in her eyes. Suddenly Simon’s suit from episode one makes sense.

In the present, Adele’s daughter has breakfast with Daddy, the head of police. Adele is having trouble getting up. “Like last time?” the daughter asks.  Dad shrugs it off and goes to check on Adele, who’s awake and staring at herself in the bathroom mirror. Dad says he can call the doctor, or go to church on his own, but Adele insists she’ll be OK.

Simon, still aimlessly walking after encountering Adele, arrives at The American Diner. He asks what he can get for a few coins but the waitstaff tells him to leave. (He’s starving, naturally.) After his pleas for a piece of bread get denied, Simon takes a beer stein and smashes the waitstaff in the face before jumping the counter to throw a few punches. He stops when he notices a women sitting in the restaurant eating a sandwich and fries… it appears to be the woman Mr. Costa abandoned.

Julie about to enter her apartment when Simon suddenly shows up again. He asks what she knows about the previous tenants—Adele and Simon—and if she knows what happened to Simon in particular. Julie, however, said she moved in eight or nine years ago and only met Adele three times.

Adele and the police man are at the chapel. They’re discussing bible verses for an event on Thursday (possibly a second wedding for Adele?). But the man gets a call and has to step away—it’s about Lucy. She isn’t dead, just in critical condition with stab wounds and… bite marks (?!?) in the abdomen. “Yes. It looks like he’s back,” says the woman on the other line. The newly revealed captain walks inside and says he has to go.

Adele’s daughter misses this last bit of excitement while in the bathroom, where the water doesn’t seem to be working. She tries turning on the sink but there’s no running water. Instead, an almost black-colored pool of water bubbles up through the drain. We see two men watching the city damn in the meantime, commenting on how the water level has continued going down over the last day.

Meanwhile at the chapel, the minister confronts Adele. “I feel like you don’t trust me any more… I assume something must be wrong.” She reveals that Simon came back last night and “it felt very real. It hasn’t happened in years… in fact I never thought it would happen again.” The missioner consoles her by revealing another parishioner had a similar experience last week… saying she spoke with her husband who’d been dead for 20 years.  “I believe that the people we love carry on with us,” the minister says. “I believe in the immortality of the soul. But the resurrection of bodies, I’m not sure that would be a good thing.” He thinks it’s just nervousness from Adele being close to her wedding day with Thomas, the officer.

Simon is back at the Lake Pub and he sees Lena. She points him in the right direction and he’s heading for the library where Adele works. After he leaves the cop show up and Lena tries to get some info on why, but she’s denied by the secondary copy. On her way out of the bar she stumbles upon the photo wall… where a picture of her with Simon is posted.

photo (5)

As Simon approaches the library, the town’s security cameras spot him and ID him as the suspect from the diner. Still, Simon makes it in and finds Adele. She explains everything to him as if he’s a ghost (“You’re always a part of my life… I moved on when I had to… just because I’m marrying Thomas doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”). She even explicitly says that Simon is a ghost but it doesn’t scare her, that he can stay even if it’s only in her head. The odd encounter is interrupted by some after school program for kids and Simon takes the opportunity to dash out of there… where two officers await him outside.

Thomas the officer meets with his Lieutenant, and she provides updates on the diner murderer. “It’s a first,” she notes, describing how their primary suspect has apparently been dead for 10 years according to the files. The suspect is Simon, he’s in custody, and Thomas recognizes the name as soon as the Lieutenant says it. Simon isn’t talking but his fingerprints gave him away.

Thomas approaches him to ask questions, but the Lieutenant goes first. “According to your files, you’re dead. Can you explain it?” Thomas interrupts to ask about Adele—if he knows her, he must know Simon. Simon is noticeably a bit angry by this line of questioning, but Thomas goes no further, telling the lieutenant to read him the rights.

Thomas arrives home and Adele is in a noticeably better mood. She’s picked the songs for the wedding, she’s making dinner and smiling the entire time. Thomas heads to the attic to dig through Adele’s old photos, and he stumbles upon one showing Simon as he is today with Adele as she was then.

Simon, meanwhile, is content to spend his night in a holding cell, eating the sandwich given to him by the cop.

Secondary Storylines

photo (4)

Camille is examining herself in the mirror when Lena busts in. “Do I scare you?” she asks her sister. Though Lena denies it, Camille insists she’s scared of herself. “What happened to me?”

Lena’s had it. She walks down to morning breakfast—Claire is pouring Camille tea as Jerome reads the paper—and wants answers. Is this how it’s going to be? How do they know it’s even Camille—couldn’t it be a clone? Sometimes people pose as others, she argues. Jerome’s trying to shut the line of questioning down with little impact when Camille interjects.

“Do you know how it feels to be me?”

“I don’t care you don’t exist!”

Jerome shouts enough. Lena heads outside and he follows.” Is she like the baby Jesus?… back from the dead.” He begs her to calm down and try to help, frustrated to the point where he grabs her shoulders.

“Are you going to hit me again?”

“Your sister needs you.”

“But my sister is dead.”

Camille later sneaks into Lena’s room and sees it lined with punk posters and photographers—several of Lena with Frederic. Downstairs, Claire is trying to locate Lena on the phone without much luck. Jerome checks in without answers either, but Claire asks him if he’d like to bring some of his stuff back. “But what would Pierre think?” he insists.  Jerome leaves and Claire heads upstairs, only to find Lena’s room disheveled. Wasn’t Camille, she tells her mother “she was asleep.”

Later, Camille overhears her mom and Pierre discussing the bus, “what about her friends that might have been there?” Camille’s had enough of all the secrecy and obvious monitoring and wants to get out for a walk, but Pierre and Claire stop her first. “Am I some kind of zombie?” she retorts. Pierre reveals that she’s not the first. “I was at your funeral, I saw your coffin, and here you are right in front of me. You’ve been given a new existence.”

Back at the Lake Pub, Lena’s visibly freaked out after her sister and the Simon encounter. She asks Frederic if someone who died can come back, but he plays it off as a joke. At home, Camille sees Claire say goodbye to Pierre and knows they’re more than just colleagues. But she takes the opportunity to sneak out the side door. She’s heading to the Lake Pub.

Jerome arrives back home to Claire startled. They don’t know where Camille is, but Jerome assures her that their daughter will be back. Camille continues sneaking around and ends up at the Lake Pub, where she sees Frederic through the window. Someone approaches her to offer her a drink and she runs away.

Lena beats her sister home, and her parents ask for help. Camille finally returns home, looking a little dejected. They embrace her, tell her how worried they were about Camille. “What can happen to me? I’m already dead.” She reveals she went to the lake Pub to see Frederic, but instead bumped into Lucho… he didn’t recognize her. She breaks down crying into her mother’s shoulder.

Camille is sad in bed but Lena is allowed in to her room. She reveals she met someone at the Lake Pub who “is like her. “I think he’s dead too.”

Julie is at the police department, looking at a missing children poster while the man from the diner is leaving (police never saw them man he described). An officer approaches her and she provides a fuzzy story—saw a missing child with blue eyes from the bus last night, he looked lost. (Why didn’t she report it earlier? You saw his eye color from the bus?) The cop is a bit unsure but insists he’ll take her statement.

She returns home and encounters Simon. After she tells him that she knows nothing of the previous tenants, Julie continues to question Victor inside (are you from this city? Do you understand French?). She reveals the police report, but the only thing Victor does is hug her. She continues to insist she can’t keep him, but this defense is wearing thin (her reasoning goes from “it’s not legal” to “I have no toys” quickly).

When she eventually leaves, Julie gets spotted by her neighbor, Miss Payet. Payet, of course, gives her 20 questions on the boy. (“Why isn’t he in school?” “Is he a relative?”) But in her nosiness, Ms. Payet reveals what happened to Mr. Costa. Julie says she only knew him a little but looks a bit annoyed with the news.

Julie’s care for Victor only grows. She buys Victor a sweater. However while sets up another appt., this time with Ms. Romain, Victor is suddenly on her window ledge. He pushes himself off and seemingly vanishes. Julie tries to follow him but hears a knock from behind… Victor is back in the house?

Victor now has a small bed, and their day ends when Julie gives him a glass of Milk and tells him not to worry. She’ll look after him and it’s time for bed. She retreats to the bathroom and cries. She takes off her shirt to reveal scars along her waist.

Lucy, the barkeep at The Lake Pub, still lays dead in the tunnel along the walking path in town. However, a lieutenant with the police says she’s survived somehow.

Toni, The Lake Pub owner, gets approached by the police. They want to talk about Lucy Carson.

At the police station, we learn Lucy’s murder is the same MO as something that happened 7 years ago. Toni sits down to discuss the situation with the officers, but he’s unaware of what happened. During the interrogation, the female officer reveals that Toni was a suspect for that murder 7 years ago… and that this MO (stabbing someone to death followed by eating them) has happened several times between then and now. Somehow Lucy survived…

A man in a hoody covered in blood shows up at a cabin, later revealed to be Toni’s, only to find it bolt locked. However, he’s able to knock that off with a crowbar and he enters after shouting for his mom. Toni returns to his cabin to find a squirrel seemingly eaten out in the barn. A dog is strung up nearby… but as he searches the area he notices the animal is suddenly alive. It attacks him, but he’s able to fight it off and grab his shotgun. Firing two into the animal ends it, and Toni goes to bury him on the backyard.

He’s interrupted by the guy in the hoodie. Surprised but not visibly freaked out, Toni hits him in the face with a shovel then runs inside his cabin to close the door. The hoody guy comes trying to open it, but Toni barricades it as he recites a Hail Mary. He opens the door when the commotion dies down… only to get hit in the head with a shovel.

Toni wakes up to find a gun pointed at him by the hoodie guy. He wants to know why everything is locked, why Mom isn’t around. He explains Mom is dead, but hoodie—by now, obviously Toni’s brother—doesn’t remember it because he was “with her.” Later, we see Toni consoling his crying brother, telling him it’s OK.

Possibly “Returned”

photo (6)

While it’s not clear what “Returned” means at this point, the following characters are certainly dealing with something out of the ordinary

Simon, he’s “dead” according to Adele, “dead” according to police records, “dead” according to the wall at the Lake Pub… but real fingerprints give away his identity.

Camille, Pierre straight away tells her she has come back from the dead. Camille confirms it by sneaking out of the house to find her former friend Frederic, but their mutual buddy Lucho doesn’t recognize her at all.

Mr. Costa’s female companion, no new info but she’s also hungry at the diner.

Victor, no new real info. He does still exhibit hunger (like Simon, ravages what he’s given) and can move without being noticed around Julie’s apartment.

Lucy, despite being stabbed and eaten, the cops tell Toni that she’s survived the brutal incident.

Toni’s brother, the man in the hoodie is covered in blood after possibly murdering Lucy. However, when he gets Toni talking about their mother, Toni reveals his brother was dead at the same time as Mom.

Random parishioner’s husband, Adele’s minister reveals that someone else approached him about a returned husband who was otherwise dead for 20 years.

This is only a recap, a review of the first four episodes is to come. What do you think of the show in the meantime? Comment below or send a line. Catch up on episode one here or move on to episode three.

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