Maybe we put too much emphasis on it. Not the wigs, though clearly episode one of Season 2 gave the audience a little wink there. But The Americans became so well-known for its soundtrack in Season1—The AV Club called it the best sonic work on television and music supervisor PJ Bloom got the “Most Creative People” treatment in Fast Company. In light of all that, perhaps the producers wanted the show’s content to shine through a bit more than its sound at the start of its latest season.

That’s the easiest explanation for now as the first third of The Americans Season 2 lacks the Spotifiable nature of its predecessor. But it’s early, we’ve only had one montage, and the newest guy in the cast has an affinity for that American music. The hits will come; Peter Gabriel already has.


Iggy & The Stooges—”Gimme Danger”

Sting—”Russians,” the two promos for Season 2 couldn’t take more different (aural) approaches.

Episode One—”Comrades”

Rod Stewart—”Passion,” if you need to fast track your understanding of American culture, there’s only one man for the cause.

[Unknown country song] Phillip’s love of country (music in this instance) comes across again during a short interlude in the car. Lyrics sounds like “how you broke my heart, so many times,” but it’s been difficult to identify. Anyone with intel? 

Episode Two—”Cardinal”

No significant soundtrack moments?!? Only our resident newbie to American culture (new residentura employee Igor) gives sonic glimpses—dude wants tickets to see Blondie.

Episode Three—”The Walk In”

The Beatles—”Here, There and Everywhere” may be the perfect lullaby when you’re an undercover spy new to both children and English-language music.

Peter Gabriel—”Here Comes The Flood” speaks to you when dad is too busy developing secret technology photos and can’t help you search for Polaris with the new telescope. (*first repeat artist of the series, first montage of the season)

Episode Four—”A Little Night Music”

[Unidentified country music] sounds like Phillip is enjoying an older version of “All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch, but that song seems to be an original. (Lyrics: “And I’ve been thinking, for most of my days”) “I was listening to that.” Any intel?

Various Artists—”This Little Light of Mine” serves as the least offensive way for your kid to experiment with Christian music (at least there’s a Neko Case cover).

Beethoven—”String Quartet No. 13 in B-Flat Major, Grosse Fuge” only for those darker classical urges.

Mozart“Un Enfant Prodige” ah, much better.

Modern English—”I Melt With You” is the only thing that can be playing when you’re angst-y teen daughter is unexpectedly barged in on by nosy mom.

[Unidentified rock ballad] this could be an original composition for the show, because that elongated guitar solo hits the perfect note for telling friends about your affair.

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