The SF monthly music calendar is no more—long live the New Orleans monthly music calendar!

I’ve moved and priority number one was getting tuned into the local music scene. Fortunately/unfortunately in New Orleans, this isn’t as straightforward as it was in SF. There is a heavy, heavy emphasis on local music and local jazz musicians in particular (rightfully so as many are world-class, like Trombone Shorty or Wynton Marsalis for instance). But those clubs and opportunities aren’t as easy to parse through as SF’s plethora of tour-friendly venues, so consider this a work in progress. I’ve found what seem to be the most active clubs for touring acts you’d want to catch, but you can expect this list to be updated and for it to expand in the month-to-month. (If you want the overwhelming “OMG HERE’S EVERYTHING,” the Times-Picayune has a pretty comprehensive offering… 81 pages with a lot of acts you’ve never heard of in September alone.)

Can’t Miss for late September 2013

While there’s more intriguing options on the horizon for New Orleans (for instance—both Fuzz and Ted Leo/Aimee Mann in the coming months), September is by no means dull. Empire of the Sun has a new album as of this summer and always puts on a costumed-dance fest (so they’re accordingly in what seems to be a huge theater). Murder By Death sounds too hardcore for you, but the honky-tonkers release full albums of covers that fans choose (see their Elliot Smith take) and will generally appease music fans of any preference. There’s the facial hair competitors referenced above—I once mocked up a magazine around of these competitions—plus critical favorites like Tegan and Sara or Alt-J.

However, if you’re only spending money on one show this month (and it isn’t to see the whisper song performed live), you can’t beat The Love Language at Gasa Gasa for just $7. There are far too many huge names releasing albums this year—Bowie, Daft Punk, Jay-Z, Kanye, Janelle Monae, on and on—so the little guys get swept under the rug unless there is major, major critical voices behind them (for instance, watch how Haim gets received versus the equally excellent Mikal Cronin album from earlier this year). The Love Language gifted fans album number three this summer and it’s clearly the best yet, a Morrissey-esque compilation of sweeping orchestrations with the signature emotional storytelling. It’ll be extremely interesting to see performed live (something like 20 house musicians passed through to help with the album) and the price tag implies this will be an intimate, intimate evening. 

If you’re spending $50…

[Beard & Mustache competition$14 9/7, Sat, House of Blues] +

[The Love Language—$7, 9/19, Th, Gasa Gasa] +

[Murder By Death—$15, 9/22, Sun, One Eyed Jack’s] =

$36, which is less than one Empire of the Sun ticket (~$40, Ticketmaster fees not included) sadly. But you’ll have enough money left over to spend on booze at a hidden jazz club, seems to be the local solution. 

Curated Calendar

Beard + Mustache competition—House of Blues (9/7) Sat

Ying Yang Twins—Howlin’ Wolf (9/7) Sat

Black Flag—Howlin’ Wolf (9/11) Wed

Hanson—House of Blues (9/12) Th

Stardeath and White Dwarves—Siberia (9/15) Sun

Tegan and Sara—House of Blues (9/15) Sun

The Love Language—Gasa Gasa (9/19) Th

Empire of the Sun (w/ Alpine)—Civic Theater (9/19) Th

Man Man—Howlin’ Wolf (9/21) Sat

Murder by Death—One Eyed Jacks (9/22) Sun

Twin Peaks—Triple 6 Klubhouse (9/22) Sun

Alt-J—House of Blues (9/25) Wed

Jerry Seinfeld—Saenger Theater (9/27) Fri

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