When a writer isn’t paying attention (a two week vacation the luxurious resort, “My Parents’ Home”), the SF music scene still powers through. The second half of June brings a robust lineup through town even without 16 days at its disposal. Sure, the headlines have been dominated by a great Treasure Island lineup announcement for the fall and an insane Two Chainz encounter. But there’s plenty to see with a decidedly local flair (Blackbird Blackbird, Cocktails and Warm Soda to support your emerging SF artists).

Can’t Miss for June 2013

The trio above—plus the Bay Area’s premier LCD Soundsystem coverband, North American Scum—are hard to beat, typically affordable evenings (Blackbird Blackbird is in fact a free, Converse-sponsored show with Hot Chip where fans must register in a lottery). The always can’t-miss Father John Misty is here still touring off Fear Fun, and there are timely acts like Camera Obscura or Baths coming in on the heels of new albums.

But at this point, June comes down to two acts worth paying attention to no matter the timeframe: Timbaland and Mastodon. The former is the perennially hitmaker, most recently working with Justin Timberlake. The latter is one of the most influential and universally embraced metal bands of the past decade (Grantland’s Steven Hyden says last year’s The Hunter is still his favorite “Queens of the Stone Age” album). In this particular battle, even if Timbaland may move you more, his show is harder to come by. Entry is being done through some type of auction system. Mastodon on the other hand, is another Converse night. It may be a lottery, but it’s a free one. Advantage: Bay Area metal-heads.

If you’re spending $50…

[Camera Obscura$22.50 (early bird), 6/19, Wed, Regency]

[Cocktails—$7 (at the door), 6/21, Fri, Night Light] +

[Mastodon—Free (Converse lottery) 6/26, Wed, Slim’s] +

[North American Scum—$6, 6/28, Fri, Hotel Utah] =

$35.50, leaving you enough to bid $10+ on that Timbaland show or to drop Cocktails for FJM ($32 with fees included) on 6/21.

Victorious Venue:

With half the month out of consideration, only two venues are in the running: Berkeley’s Greek Theater and Slim’s. The two couldn’t be in more contrast: The Greek is an old auditorium ala The Fox and its shows will cost you (try Robert Plant on your wallet). Slim’s is a tiny little stage tucked outside the Mission District, and its upcoming slew of shows is free pending the Converse thing. In terms of price, quantity and quality of show this month, it’s all Slim’s.

Curated Calendar

(Not all the shows, but the ones worth seeing)

CSS, MS MR, Io Echo—GAMH (6/17) Mon

Camera Obscura—Regency Ballroom (6/19) Wed

Hooded Fang—DNA Lounge (6/20) Thur

Cocktails—Night Light (6/21) Fri

Father John Misty and White FenceThe Fillmore (6/21) Fri

She & Him—The Greek (6/22) Sat

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, DIIV, Metz—Slim’s (6/23) Sun

Hot Chip, Blackbird Blackbird—Slim’s (6/25) Tu

Mastodon—Slim’s (6/26) Wed

Warm Soda—Brick & Mortar (6/27) Thur

North American Scum—Hotel Utah (6/28) Fri

Baths—GAMH (6/29) Sat

Robert Plant and co.—The Greek  (6/29) Sat

TimbalandPalace Hotel (6/29) Sat

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