Blackstreet—of “No Diggity” fame—is in town this month and not even in the Top 10 shows to look for. May is truly roaring and seemingly offers something for everyone. To standout, the top tier of shows has to even offer more than music. Intrigued? Pick your events and get moving on those tickets.

Can’t Miss for April 2013

Even if you only count Colin Meloy (Decemberists), Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger) and Robyn Hitchcock himself, the Viva Hitchcock celebration at the Fillmore starts May with a bang. It’ll be hard to find that much talent in one show anywhere else, with these musicians coming together for Hitchcock’s 60th birthday to present a Petty Fest-like night of covers.

But the tickets aren’t cheap, a sadder theme for May. The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Tony Bennett and even Janelle Monae with the SF Symphony will all put you back more than $100. While every single one of those should be top notch, it’s hard to recommend a price that high…

…because there’s so many current acts worth catching on more of a bargain. Tame Impala brings one of 2012’s best LPs to the Fox, Kurt Vile and Mikal Cronin likely each have one of 2013s year-end-listers. Holy Ghost is around, the XX if that’s more your style.

However, the month’s top billing comes down to a pair of story times. Beck is in town and has paired with Pop-Up Magazine to present a music-themed live issue. What does that mean? Well, no one quite knows—but you can expect some Song Reader material and perhaps some of these new album tracks Beck has teased lately. There will be straight stories though; perhaps more so than straight songs. Twin Shadow will likely have the opposite ratio. His sets are well-known as crowd pleasers, and he’s upped the ante by making this his “True Stories” tour. Lewis’s father will join him on the road, he’s accepting story submissions from each city, and he’ll share his own life stories of home inbetween songs. You’ve got two nights to find a ticket for, Beck only offers one. Advantage: Lewis.

If you’re spending $50…

[Twin Shadow—$23, 5/24 or 5/25, Fri or Sat, GAMH] +

[Mikal Cronin—$10, 5/25, Sat, The Rickshaw]

[Suuns, Wymond Miles—$10, 5/28, Tues, BoTH]=

$43. Use that $7 towards a purchase of MCII at Cronin’s album release show. It’s streaming at NPR music right now and a must hear for indie rock fans (Ben Kweller’s Sha, Sha anyone?). Tough cuts this month as well: Kurt Vile ($20) and Holy Ghost ($22) were each roughly the cost of Twin Shadow, but the True Stories tour is too cool to pass up.

Victorious Venue:

The goods were spread fairly evenly throughout the month, enough so that a four show lineup can earn top spot. The Indy boasts two of the most notable evenings (Holy Ghost, Kurt Vile) in addition to an affordable visit from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and celebratory one from the Presidents of the United States of American (yep, “Lump” fame). See you all at Divis.

Curated Calendar

(Not all the shows, but the ones worth seeing)

Viva HitchcockFillmore (5/2) Thur   *Colin Meloy, Sean Nelson (lead singer of Harvey Danger) and more celebrate Robyn Hitchcock’s music.

Rolling Stones—Oracle, HP Pavilion (5/5, 5/8) Sun, Wed

Kurt Vile—The Indy (5/8) Wed

Blackstreet—Yoshi’s (5/8) Wed

Yo La Tengo—The Fillmore (5/10, 5/11) Fri, Sat

of Montreal—Slim’s (5/10) Fri

Of Monsters and Men—The Fox (5/16) Thur

Janelle Monae + SF Symphony—Davies Symphony Hall (5/16) Thur
Bela Fleck—SF Jazz Center (5/16-5/19) Thur-Sun

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr
—The Indy (5/17) FriBeck + Pop Up Mag’s music issue—Davies Symphony Hall (5/20) Mon<

Holy Ghost—The Indy (5/22) Wed

Fleetwood Mac—HP Pavilion (5/22) Wed

Tony Bennett—Davies Symphony Hall (5/23) Thur

President of the United States of America (performing Eternal Summers)—The Indy (5/24, 5/25) Fri, Sat

Twin Shadow—GAMH (5/24, 5/25) Fri, Sat

Mikal Cronin—Rickshaw (5/25) Sat  *CD Release show

Suuns / Wymond Miles—BoTH (5/28) Tues

Tame Impala—Fox (5/29) Wed

The xx—Fox (5/30) Thur

!!!—Rickshaw (5/30) Thur

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