You still have time America. The Americans is two-thirds of the way through its inaugural season and only getting better each week. The tensions raised in those early weeks continue to further complicate and grow. The performances somehow get better and better. Matthew Beeman now constantly wears headphones.

The only thing to decrease in the season’s middle third was the soundtrack. That’s not a statement of quality—recent weeks have used some excellent era-appropriate mood setters (you’ll see below). But those opening episodes literally motivated this blog into creation. In terms of raw numbers, there are less tunes to discuss at this point. Nonetheless, The Americans has still been as much fun to listen to as it has been to watch and analyze. Here’s the proof:


Episode Five—”COMINT”

[As many songs as that poor scientist had friends—zero]

Episode Six—”Trust Me”

Here there is definitely a song. Check out the FX VOD options (free for now) and at the 18:30 mark Paige and Henry are hitchhiking with some stranger. On the radio is an appropriately odd country song. The lyrics seem to be, “If it doesn’t matter,” then ‘I can go on’ or ‘I can go home’ perhaps. It’s not enough of a clean snippet for Shazam to read it sadly. Anyone have intel on this one?

Episode Seven—”Duty and Honor”

Millionaire at Midnight—”Coit Tower,” for those nights when you finally give in and head to the bar with an annoying co-worker, but all he wants to do is encourage you to cheat on your spouse. [Not available on Spotify, but on SoundCloud]

Episode Eight—”Mutually Assured Destruction”

McKinley Mitchell—”Trouble Blues” sets the mood when there is several years’ worth of pent-up sexual tension between spy and asset. Get it, Martha.

Pablo Cruise—”Love Will Find A Way” represents the only way to go back for seconds. You go, Martha.

The Cure—”Siamese Twins” is the only place to turn when your real partner/pseudo husband drops a truth bomb on you. “It’s a very modern country,” and divorce happens. Yikes, save us Robert Smith. (Sad Martha involved this time, no time for celebration.)

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